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By Michael Skiba and Roland B. Woerner
4 May 2017

- Transforming Big Data in Actionable Knowledge​


We are told that today we are living the age of Big Data, where information is abundant and smart technologies help us processing them. If there is an industry that can benefit from this golden age, it will be the insurance sector…​

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By Michael Skiba Insurance Process Optimization: 4 Steps to Increase Profitability
19 April 2017

- Insurance claims consume nearly 80% of insurance company‘s premiums in the form of payments, fraudulent losses, and processing costs. Therefore, insurance companies are justifiably concerned about optimizing the claims process but are often unsure about the most effective method to accomplish this. ​

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By Joyrene Thomas - Payments Card and Mobile Magazine The Rise of The Machines: Artificial Intelligence for Fraud Detection
12 February 2017

- Move over Big Data. There are two new buzz words in town: ‘artficial intelligence’ and ‘machine learning’. The claims being made for these technologies are just as significant, if not more so than those made for Big Data three to five years ago. So, how widespread is the use of artificial intelligence today? And what are the implications for the payments industry?

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By Michael Skiba The Internet of Things: How Does It Impact The Insurance Industry
5 December 2016

- Researchers have revealed very alarming statistics about how the Internet of Things (IoT) will impact almost every single individual walking the planet in a very short period of time. Almost every industry will be affected by the number of devices in the world and their relative connection to each other. Imagine a time when your refrigerator can sense that you are in need of milk or eggs and electronically communicate with your local store to order these items. Or when your fitness tracker “talks” to your home thermostat and lowers the heat based on your core temperature. The insurance industry will be no exception to the impact of IoT; and savvy carriers will need to embrace this revolution in order to maintain an advantage in an already highly competitive market. 

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By Wiebe Fokma 4 Tips on How to Improve Security when Making SWIFT Transactions
15 June 2016

- Recently two international operating banks have faced severe malware attacks through their internal SWIFT messaging system. Attacks though malicious software is nothing new but the way criminals were able to gain access to the SWIFT network raises serious questions about cyber-security. We have asked INFORM’s cyber security expert Wiebe Fokma on his take on implementing measures to strengthen the systems' security.

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