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Winner MPE Award 2015 for Best Anti Fraud Solution

INFORM Wins Prestige MPE Award at Europe's Leading Conference in Card Acquiring and Online Merchants

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Acquirers and Issuers

RiskShield for Acquires and merchant protectionProtecting point of sales, ATM's and online Merchants


Traditional card fraud changes due to the fact that a substantial share of ‘card‘ transactions are no longer related to the physical usage of the card. Security features like Chip/PIN are not applicable in Card-Not-Present transactions. The fastest-growing fraud without the actual card – either online, over the phone or through the mail, needs a different approach to protect an organization against these fraudsters.


RiskShield saves costs through fraud prevention in the card acquiring areas such as:

  • Credit and debit card fraud via point of sale (POS) and ATMs
  • Reduction of the number of charge backs at merchants
  • Avoidance and detection of merchant fraud
  • Prevention of online shopping fraud (e.g. Card-Not-Present)
  • Avoid violating card schemes compliance rules by observing relevant statistics like authorization levels and CTRs.


RiskShield helps to keep the chargebacks low and it will safeguard an organization against fraudulent and inexperienced merchants and allows for additional revenues to be safely and securely generated even when doing business with risky merchants (e.g. gambling, e-commerce).


A holistic view on both issuing and acquiring fraud attacks


One of RiskShield’s key benefits is its ability to pull the right data for multiple data sources for what is required for each channel. For example, RiskShield conducts solution profiles that are built on a merchant level. The same transactions are used to build profiles on a card level. Even though not all transactions of the card and master data are available, many fraudulent transactions can be detected by the latter procedure. It provides a more complete and holistic view.


The benefits and the advantages of using RiskShield:

  • Multi-channel solution for both issuing and conducting investigations
  • Enhanced fraud detection capabilities through data sharing between issuing and conducting transactions.
  • Unique protection solution for skimmed cards with real-time evaluation of historical card data and the compromised identification at the terminal.
  • Merchant monitoring program reduces charge backs and fraudulent behavior.


Customer References

Some of our key references in real-time fraud detection and prevention

Equens First Data Postbank P.O.S. Transact
ING Bank National Bank of Greece Lloyds Bank Cardnet

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