Dr. Andreas Meyer
Dr. Andreas Meyer

Director Risk & Fraud Division

About us

INFORM's Risk & Fraud Division is specialized in claim decision-making and fraud detection software that uses intelligent optimization to improve business productivity. These best-of-breed solutions, based on mathematical optimization algorithms, can quickly map complex structures and calculations in order to provide the best possible solution from large amounts of data.


With RiskShield we offer a self-learning security solution that detects and manages suspicious activity based on known patterns in an account or with transaction activity within an institution, minimizing losses, optimizing efficiencies, and protecting customers from fraud. RiskShield fraud prevention solution is proven technology and protecting more than 35 insurance companies and over 270 million cards, mobile and Internet Banking accounts in multiple countries.  By leveraging the strength of using multiple data sources combined with fuzzy controlled technology, RiskShield provides a robust solution with superb fraud detection results that are reliable, fast and responsive.


Resolving the Paradox Through Technology 


Our ambition is to resolve contradictions through technology by providing the most flexible and powerful solution while retaining ease of use, by developing leading edge innovations with the reliability of proven technology and delivering best-in-class and most cost efficient anti-fraud solution in the market.

To realise this ambition, we have set ourselves four strategic priorities which are to:


  • Stop fraud and manage your risk with intelligent fraud detection and analysis capabilities combined with extreme performance and seamless integration.
  • Increase consumer convenience and loyalty by introducing secure and risk-based solutions for insurance claims and payment operations.
  • Develop innovative solutions to quickly respond to new fraud typologies and avoid further losses without IT involvement or coding.
  • Protecting the largest financial service operators in the world with proven technology, including GEICO, Zurich Insurance Group, FirstData, ING, SIX and SIA.


For the last 40 years, branch specialists in INFORM’s different business units are constantly developing and perfecting optimization and decision support solutions and providing qualified 24/7 support. More than 1000 companies worldwide benefit from advanced optimization software systems by INFORM in industries such as transport logistics, airport resource management, production planning, payment & card fraud management and insurance claim optimization. INFORM employs over 550 staff from more than 30 countries.