RiskShield: Optimized results with Risk analysis & assessment solution

The RiskShield risk assessment solution is an invaluable resource to control product risks on a central level. It is used for identification and minimizing vulnerabilities of payments and credit card transactions as well as fraudulent insurance claims. Risk managers can use RiskShield to classify these risks and activate defensive measurements to reduce risks directly, without technical assistance from IT-Support.


RiskShield assesses the fraud risk of incoming transactions and non-financial events in real-time. Single transactions, transaction groups or even series of transactions can be assessed differently. Our flexible solution can quickly assess the risk depending on the received input, for example: payment information, events like address changes or updates of claim information and can be scored per individual customer, peer group, region, product or delivery channel. With RiskShield the rating of risk and vulnerabilities become directly visible to the risk manager and shows you which group of rules has the highest and lowest impact.


The Benefits of Using RiskShield:


analysing with production data

analysing with production data

visualization performance

visualizing performance


Analyze, simulate, test and optimize the risk assessment using production data and without impacting the core processing environment or interrupting the detection process.



Graphical views and charts of complex simulated fraud scenarios with live production data to further optimize the detection process.


champion-challenger comparison


historical data to optimize scenarios

historical data to optimize scenarios


Compare fraud scenarios simultaneously to verify the effect of changes in order to reduce false positives and increase success rates.


Use historical data and cases for analyzing risk assessments and fraud prevention rules to process payments and claims more effectively.

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