RiskShield: Visual Analytics and Reporting solution

RiskShield Business Intelligence provides fraud managers a powerful predictive analytics tool to dig into detailed information and conduct searches through recent customer activities, identify trends and evaluate statistics. It helps financial service providers and insurers to access greater insight into transaction flows, fraud cases and customer portfolios, using an intuitive, user – friendly interface to analyze any available data in a graphical and visual display. 


RiskShield Business Intelligence provides fraud investigators the ability to react more quickly to potential new modus operandi that affect our card services by alerting us to crucial information on a real-time basis. This will allow them to respond quickly to opportunities and take a more proactive approach to fraudulent attacks.


The Benefits of Using RiskShield:


Create custom dashboards

Interactive and multi-tentant dashboards

On-demand reports

on-demand and scheduled management reporting


Achieve an instant and ongoing view of the most important areas of risk and key performance indicators per organization or service provider.



Create ad-hoc and periodic management reports based on real-time data directly from the centralized RiskShield data repository.


search data with business intelligence

access information from multiple angles and perspectives

Seamless integrations of data

seamless integration to available data feeds


Discover new valuable insights of fraudulent behavior that can lead to a more proactive and predictive approach of fraud prevention.


Integrate seamlessly by leveraging RiskShield fraud detection architecture, including RiskShield Server, RiskShield Client and RiskShield Investigator.

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