Product Information

RiskShield AML Compliance Suite

RiskShield AML Compliance solution is a flexible and intelligent monitoring platform that combines software technologies such as machine learning, fuzzy logic, dynamic profiling and social network detection to closely monitor the behavior of customer accounts and transactions. RiskShield AML Compliance solution consists of five modules: Customer Due Diligence, Sanction and PEP Screening, AML Suspicious Activity Monitoring, Case Management and Reporting and Business Intelligence.



RiskShield for Banking, Payments & Cards Industry

Fraud detection is an integral part of any payment management operation. Whether you are in charge of safeguarding payments for a bank, third party payment service provider, a card issuer or an acquirer, payment fraud for financial institutions faces ever-increasing challenges. RiskShield is a constantly evolving rule based expert system that automatically assesses the fraud risk of every individual transaction in a matter of milliseconds.



RiskShield for Insurance Industry

Insurance companies want to maximize customer satisfaction, reduce the costs of claim handling by optimizing their processes, comply with regulations, lower fraudulent claim losses and be able to achieve this all within an insurance company’s cost contained budget. RiskShield is the software solution for intelligent claim evaluation and fraud detection. RiskShield supports all insurance segments whether auto, property, life, health or travel insurance.



RiskShield Predictive Analytics - Making Better Decisions

Predictive analytics play a new role in fraud prevention. The use of big data and data analytics helps financial institutions to better understand activity patterns among their customers, and uncover new types of behavior that could be identified as unknown fraud. RiskShield Predictive Analytics helps fraud investigators to leverage historical data along side with new detection techniques to discover unknown fraud patterns and further improve detection accuracy.



RiskShield Business Intelligence

RiskShield Business Intelligence helps financial service providers and insurers to access greater insight into transaction flows, fraud cases and customer portfolios, using an intuitive, user-friendly interface to analyze any available data in a graphical and visual display. By delivering information in dashboards as well as scheduled or on-demand reports, fraud managers are able to analyze information quickly and effectively to get the desired results – anti fraud strategies that decrease losses.